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Roof Top Blox

Roof Top Pipe Support that's engineered to be 10 Times Better... Roof Top Blox!

Adjustable Piping Support

US PAT. 7,731,131
CAN. PAT.  2,675,158

Roof top pipe supports with improved design!
Roof Top Blox — the engineered, patented roof top support solution that's faster and easier to install, expand, and adjust—all while letting you work conveniently from just the top side of the roof block! UV resistant to withstand the elements, our roof support blocks feature a protective padded base for a more stable and trouble-free non-penetrating roof top support solution.

A better Roof top support block system for:
• gas piping roof top support
• plumbing roof top support
• electrical conduit roof top support
• refrigeration pipes support
• cable tray roof top support
• refrigeration piping roof top support
• solar panel and piping roof top supports
• HVAC ductwork and equipment support
• mechanical platforms and walkways

Our revolutionary roof top support block system works with height extension rods, pipe support brackets, pipe roller brackets, strut support brackets, and more. Versatile enough for every roof plumbing support, roof piping support, and roof platform support need, even our packaging makes transporting roof support blocks to the job — and roof top — a faster and more efficient process.

Easier installation and lasting dependability make Roof Top Blox the best roof block choice to specify or install for supporting pipes and mechanical equipment on flat commercial roofs.

  • Roof Top Blox are designed specifically as roof supports to be used on commercial roof piping support and platform support applications. Roof Top Blox provide patented advantages for roof top pipe support and roof top platform support solutions through versatile roof support configurations that can combine multiple roof support blocks with roof support accessories. Successful applications for the Roof Top Blox roof top supports system include: roof top pipe support; roof top plumbing support; roof supports for refrigeration, roof block support for mechanical platforms, roof walkway support blocks, and almost any roof support need where a durable, stable, weather-resist roof top support block solution is needed.
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